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“Phillip has created a marketing system that has generated record sales.” – Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business

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Meet Phillip

Phillip Stutts is living and fighting a rare disease called Achalasia. After being diagnosed, he spent six years ignoring it. Frankly, he put his head in the sand, taking medications that did more harm than good, and waiting for the inevitable. Then he woke up and said no more. His mission today is to find a cure and pursue a life of constant growth and giving. And he’s making progress.

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“Phillip has created a marketing system that’s generated record sales.”

Maria Bartiromo

FOX Business


“In the last 12 months, everything about marketing has changed. No one understands this better than Phillip Stutts. His vast research into consumer behavior will give you an edge against your competitors and will enable you to win big while they struggle.”

Michael Hyatt

New York Times Best-selling Author

Michael Hyatt

“I love Phillip’s vibe!”

Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO of VaynerMedia 

Stutts with Gary Vaynerchuk after on the DailyVee

“I love where Phillip’s mind’s at. There is always so much more to get into because he’s so interesting.”

Adam Carolla

Comedian, Actor, and Host of The Adam Carolla Show

Stutts after his interview with Adam Carolla

“Phillip is an absolute master and phenom when it comes to research, data, interpretations, correlations, and anomalies – especially when it comes to screening trends, opportunities, motivators, overlooked gaps of profitability – for his clients. He spends a fortune for one of the most sophisticated data operations in the world…accessing one of the most exclusive and insightful databases out there. Phillip is a very noble servant to his clients. I very much respect him.”

Jay Abraham

Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc.

Jay Abraham

“I’m fascinated by everything Phillip says.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky

Board certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and host of “the Dr. Drew Podcast”

“I love data. It all makes perfect sense and matches with what we are saying and doing. This is incredibly helpful, fascinating. Keep it coming. Send me your takeaways. Don’t leave me alone :). Let me know what you see! I posted on my LinkedIn.”

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

“Phillip Stutts and his team at Win BIG Media conducted a massive deep-dive into my customer and audience base. They tracked and analyzed millions of data points and then constructed an in-depth report about how my customer base thinks, feels and how they want to receive marketing messages from me. They were even able to tell me my followers’ top values in life and the social media platforms they consume – in a chronological order! I’ve now implemented these findings with incredible success. Simple put, Phillip Stutts is the real data whisperer.”

James Altucher

Serial Entrepreneur, Host of The James Altucher Show and NY Times Bestseller

James Altucher

“Phillip Stutts and his team at Win BIG Media analyzed my web-traffic and email list and brought me the most incredible insights I have ever seen, and I didn’t think this kind of data was ever possible to know. In our 90-minute analysis, Phillip and his team outlined the results of their work. I was simply blown away. Phillip’s report has completely refocused and revitalized our marketing and messaging strategy.”

Peter Diamandis

Founder/Chairman X-PRIZE FOUNDATION and Abundance 360 (and business partners with Elon Musk)

Phillip Stutts & Peter Diamandis

The Undefeated Marketing Podcast

[BONUS EPISODE]: What Really Happened with the Midterm Elections?

If you are curious to know how the midterm elections really went down, buckle up because I’m going to lay it out for you today. The elections were shocking – even to me. But I have studied the results, the data, and I know what happened.

Since the elections wrapped up in November, I’ve also had a ton of listeners ask my thoughts on the results. As luck would have it, I recently broke down the elections on James Altucher’s huge business podcast a few days ago – and I thought I’d share that interview with you today as a bonus episode.

How did the Democrats keep control of the U.S. Senate? How did Republicans win control of the U.S. House? What were the three most shocking things I discovered about the election? What about Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis? And will President Biden run for re-election now that he just turned 80 years old?

It’s all in this interview.

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Eben Pagan Explains Why the Marketing Funnel is Broken

Eben Pagan is the “OG” of digital marketing. In 2001 while the rest of the business world was focused on traditional marketing, Eben was building one of the first-ever digital funnels.

That was 21 years ago. 

When you look at the Mt. Rushmore of marketers – Eben Pagan is on the rock and now you are going to learn from him….

In episode 38 of the Undefeated Marketing podcast, Eben and I discuss the mistakes that marketers are continuing to make by not truly understanding their relationship with their customers/clients – and how any business owner or marketer can flip the switch to improve their ROI. 

Sound familiar?

According to Eben, most marketers are not focused on building and improving their marketing funnels to drive more conversions in their business. Eben understands where people continue to screw up when managing their marketing funnels and why they are not retaining customers or prospects. 

If you are worried about your business with the current economy, you need to tune in for this episode because we discuss how you can maximize your results by changing a few simple steps with your marketing.

Want to grow your business by over 50%? Get your FREE Customer (or Client) Data Assessment at

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How Keith Cunningham Lost 100 Million Dollars and Built it Back

Imagine making $100 million dollars before 39 years old and then losing it all…

But then building it back…

That’s Keith Cunningham’s story, and this is why he is literally the greatest business coach who has ever lived, and I’m honored to have him on this week’s Undefeated Marketing episode.

While 99.9% of business influencers tell you to 100x your business every year – Keith Cunningham does the opposite….In our chat, Keith shares his mindset on how not to lose all of your money in the first place and what you can do as a business leader to “think” about making smarter decisions. This feels especially important in today’s volatile world.

My favorite question that Keith has ever asked me (which helped me optimize the performance of how we serve our clients)?

“How much money would you have if you never lost a client?”

Good one, right?

In 2015, I heard Keith on stage with Tony Robbins for the first time and was blown away by his business acumen and mindset. All the money I invested in Keith’s mentorship has produced returns I never thought possible. Why? Because he helped me avoid super dumb mistakes that would have bankrupted my business. I’m so excited to share Keith’s smart insights with you on this episode, and I highly recommend you make time for it because what Keith says will propel your business to another level.

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