Being able to influence people on the political level is the Mecca of branding, promotion and conversion.


Think about it – persuading people to switch their vote or converting them to vote for an unknown or unsavory political candidate is infinitely harder than getting someone to buy a particular toothpaste.


An example: Of the nearly 700 counties that twice sent Barack Obama to the White House, an eye-popping 33% flipped to support Donald Trump.


How did this occur? Technological innovation, speed, adaptability and building meaningful relationships in age of apps and mobile connections.


Phillip Stutts’ passionate, fun, and entertaining speaking will show entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, and corporate marketers that employing political digital strategies, will help them leapfrog over their corporate competition.


The timing is perfect for this story to be told, too. By 2030, it’s estimated that 40% of the current jobs in the world will be eliminated. Replaced by robots, AI and technology. It’s fair to say that all businesses will be affected by the looming technological disruption.


Far too many business owners and leaders know they have to change, but are paralyzed by fear of the future and they aren’t equipped with the tools to thrive in an ever-shifting economy.


Stutts will reverse their thinking, prepare them, and provide the tools to thrive in the new technological age.


As the founder of Go BIG Media, an award-winning technology and digital media firm that leverages the latest in technology and design to tell stories, disrupt markets, and win the day for their political and corporate clients, Phillip has firsthand experience in all aspects of starting, running, and growing his own company.


Since founding Go Big Media in 2015, Phillip has been able to grow the company over 500%. His company has won nearly 100 political races and 20 national awards. With service in mind, Go BIG has donated close to $100,000 of company profits to charity and the team has volunteered over 500 hours to local communities in need.


Hire Phillip to Speak

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