Phillip Stutts

Are you a business owner tired of your digital marketing agency not delivering results? What if there was a better way? Are you a marketer who is frustrated with the same old ineffective methods? Do you want to do better by your clients but don’t know how? There is a better way to use digital marketing, and believe it or not, it’s already being used by the people that work in politics. My book, Fire Them Now, explains why political marketing agencies are light years ahead of regular digital marketing agencies, and how you can learn from them to either get more results from your agency, or be a better agency.

One of the strategies I spell out in the book is for business owners and their marketing agencies to cut the gobbledygook and “too safe to be effective” communications on social media advertising platforms. I appeal for them to speak from the heart, have fun, and build a customer following with authenticity.

To prove my point that this is an outlier strategy and too many businesses (and marketing agencies) would rather put out generic content that doesn’t move the needle — I conducted an experiment — and here is the set up…

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