Phillip Stutts


A long road was ahead but for the first time I had hope and purpose.

I returned home in early February 2017 from the Abundance 360 conference and following my talk with Dr. Neil Riordan, I was cautiously optimistic.

After six years of living with Achalasia, I’d taken control of my condition and stopped thinking my doctors were just going to figure it out for me. A long road was ahead but for the first time I had hope and purpose.

I immediately conducted a conference call with the Stem Cell Institute and discussed the options they offered. One of my concerns was the risk stem cell injections could pose. The advisors made a point of explaining that there is no real health downside to undergoing stem cell treatments. I was told the downside is that the treatment may not work, but it won’t cause health problems for me. The real outcome was to get the stem cells into my damaged and surgically shredded esophagus with the hope that it would repair the nerves and muscle and work again (after six years).

The SCI was offering to use stem cells from a donor’s umbilical chord. Since no one had ever been treated for Achalasia at this clinic, they were recommending that I take the injections intravenously (they had no option to surgically injected stem cells into my esophagus)…