Phillip’s Story

Phillip Stutts is fighting a rare, incurable disease. Diagnosed in 2012 with the esophageal disease, Achalasia, he spent five years ignoring it. Frankly, he put his head in the sand, taking medications that did more harm than good, and waiting for the inevitable. Then he woke up and said no more. His mission today is to find a cure and pursue a life of constant growth and giving. And he’s making progress.


Phillip is also the author of Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell…, an Amazon bestseller, and one of the masterminds behind the curtain of political marketing. With more than 20 years of political and marketing experience, Stutts has worked with multiple Fortune 200 companies, has over two decades of experience working on campaigns with billions of dollars in political ad spend, and contributed to over 1,200 election victories, including hundreds of U.S. House campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate campaigns, and even three U.S. Presidential victories.


He is the founder and executive chairman of Go BIG Media (a political media firm) and the founder and CEO of Win BIG Media (a corporate marketing agency). Together, these companies have won more than 41 national awards for marketing and creative content.


In addition to being a keynote speaker for one of the country’s largest privately held speakers bureau, Keppler Speakers, Phillip has made more than 200 national TV appearances including ESPN, FOX NEWS, FOX BUSINESS, MSNBC, and CNN. He has also appeared on some of the world’s most popular podcasts including Gary Vaynerchuk’s The DailyVee, The James Altucher ShowThe Adam Carolla Show, The Dr. Drew Podcast, Jay Abraham’s The Ultimate Entrepreneur, and Big Questions with Cal Fussman.


He has been lauded as a “marketing genius” by FOX BUSINESS, “the political guru” by ESPN, and “The Michael Jordan of Political Marketing…” by Mike Dillard.



“I love [Phillip’s] vibe!” — Gary Vaynerchuk


“I want [Phillip] to take a look at my business and help me digitally.” — James Altucher


“[Phillip’s] story intrigued me. I’m fascinated by it still.”  — Dr. Drew Pinsky


“I like where [Phillip’s] mind is at!” — Adam Carolla

Stutts with Gary Vaynerchuk after filming the DailyVee Show
Stutts speaking on MSNBC
Stutts enjoying breakfast with Cal Fussman and Larry King
Stutts with James after recording The James Altucher Show
Stutts speaking at a conference Stutts speaking at a conference
Stutts with former President George H. W. Bush
Stutts with Cal Fussman after interview
Stutts on CNN with Anderson Cooper
Stutts after his interview with Adam Carolla
Stutts with his wife at the White House Stutts with his wife, Annie, at the White House
Stutts with Dr. Drew after recording The Dr. Drew Podcast
Stutts on Fox News
Stutts with former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole
Stutts with Speaker Paul Ryan
Stutts and his daughter excited about the book release!
Stutts on MSNBC
Stutts with former President Gerald R. Ford
Stutts with his family at the Florida book party Stutts with his family at the Florida book party
Stutts speaking on Fox News at the GOP Convention
Stutts with former First Lady Laura Bush
Stutts with former Vice President Dan Quayle
Stutts speaking on Fox News' Fox & Friends
Stutts speaking on digital media
Stutts with former Secretary of Education Rod Paige
Stutts with Tony Kornheiser before appearing on ESPN
Stutts on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto
Stutts in a West Wing meeting with President Bush
Stutts speaking on political campaigns
Stutts appearing on Fox & Friends
Stutts with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Stutts with former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
Stutts appearing on Mornings With Maria
Stutts with U.S. Senator John Thune
Stutts appearing on ESPN
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