Phillip`s story

Phillip Stutts is Founder and CEO of Go BIG Media, Inc., an award-winning media firm serving corporate and political clients around the world. He founded Go BIG Media on an ethos of service, excellence, and generosity, and with a mission to totally disrupt an industry. Before launching Go BIG, Phillip started and successfully ran Phillip Stutts & Company, Inc. (2005-2015), a full service media and consulting firm that advised a wide range of political, corporate and non-profit clients.


Phillip is a regular contributor on topics ranging from politics, business and digital media for Fox NewsFox BusinessMSNBC, CNN, CBS, C-SPAN, and ESPN. Fox Business’ Charles Payne has lauded Phillip as a “marketing genius,” and ESPN’s Paul Finebaum calls Phillip a “political guru,” for forward-thinking political commentary and analysis. Phillip is also a regular contributor to Thrive Global, where he is writing about his race to find a cure to his rare disease. Phillip’s most recent articles can be found HEREHERE, and HERE.


Phillip began his career in 1996 working for presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole at the Republican National Convention. In subsequent years, he worked on four additional presidential campaigns, two pro-Donald J. Trump Super PACs, the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, U.S. Senator John Thune and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.


Phillip reached high acclaim in the political world as the National Get-Out-The-Vote Director for President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection. In addition, Phillip served as a presidential appointee, to the United States Department of Education, working on special policy projects and initiatives originating from the White House and Secretary’s office.


He most recently served as a digital media advisor and national media surrogate on the

Stutts with Speaker Paul Ryan
Stutts with former Vice President Dan Quayle
Stutts with former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole
Stutts with former President George H. W. Bush
Stutts speaking on digital media
Stutts with former Secretary of Education Rod Paige
Stutts in a West Wing meeting with President Bush
Stutts with former President Gerald R. Ford
Stutts speaking at a political campaign rally
Stutts with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Stutts with former First Lady Laura Bush
Stutts on CNN with Anderson Cooper
Stutts with U.S. Senator John Thune
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Stutts speaking on political campaigns
Stutts speaking on Fox News' Fox & Friends
Stutts with former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
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Stutts on MSNBC
Stutts speaking on a political panel
Stutts with Neil Cavuto
Stutts speaking on digital media
Stutts speaking on Fox News at the GOP Convention
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Stutts appearing on Fox & Friends
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Stutts talking with Paul Finebaum