Phillip Stutts

I remember the quote well, “My daughter used to walk over hypodermic needles and through metal detectors — just to enter the very school that the government deemed a failure. But now, with her scholarship, she’s safe and thriving academically.”

Before Betsy DeVos, thousands of parents, mostly minority and below the poverty line, like the one I talked to a few years ago, lacked the empowerment to make decisions that shaped their child’s destiny. The government, faced with no competition and an appetite for protecting its power, taught one way — their way, with little to no innovation. That was until Betsy DeVos began her education reform movement in the 1990’s.

I’ve been lucky to work for Betsy and her various education reform organizations since 2005 in Louisiana, Washington, D.C., and nine other states – all with the mindset of supporting policy and candidates that passionately want to empower parents to make decisions for their children.

And that’s the legacy of Betsy DeVos. A change agent that doesn’t talk the talk, but walks the walk -by investing her time, people and yes, money, to save children trapped in failing schools. That investment, in a multitude of states, is an overwhelming success because the ultimate outcome is to shift power away from government and give it to parents who simply know how to best educate their child…

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