Phillip Stutts

I recently traveled to China, along with 12 CEOs, to meet with Chinese companies, consider investment opportunities and see first-hand how they stack up against American innovation, technology and work ethic.

Our trip consisted of meetings with top executives from Baidu (the Google of China) and Xiaomi, Inc., venture capitalists and startup companies. We met with these groups to understand how they approach innovation and disruption not just in China, but worldwide.

Time and again, we heard Chinese entrepreneurs and venture capitalists mention the “9-9-6” concept. This is simply how they view a healthy work/life balance — working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. Per month, they project gaining three days of work production over their Silicon Valley rivals (and 10 days on their European peers).

China’s full attention is focused on business, legacy and the race to out-innovate the U.S. It is impressive, disruptive and eye-opening to those of us who witnessed it…

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