Phillip Stutts

It was like throwing a fishing line in a big ocean and hoping to catch a very specific shark.

“Hi, Phillip. This is Nancy Lazarus calling. I just read an article of yours. I am the founder of Achalasia Awareness. I would absolutely love to talk to you. I am a die hard Achalasia advocate and I would absolutely love to talk to you, okay.”

This was the voicemail I received on March 8, 2017. Since my Inc. article had been published I had over 50 messages from friends, family and strangers. All were positive, kind, loving and heartfelt (Still to this day, people are reaching out to me over the article and I’m blown away by the support. It motivates me to fight harder and I also greatly appreciate that people aren’t afraid to ask me about it. I guess writing a national article gives others permission to inquire about my health and I love that)…

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