Phillip Stutts

A year ago, I screamed from the mountaintop that only three data-backed messages would work during the initial Coronavirus lockdown:

  1. How your product or service created “safety” for others
  2. How your product or service builds “trust”
  3. How your product or service “helps others”

That article helped thousands of business owners pivot their ad messaging and grow their bottom line. The article itself had over 50,000 reads, Gary Vaynerchuk had me on his show to discuss, and even Mark Cuban posted the article on his LinkedIn page.

One year later, after lockdowns, virtual school, protests, crazy elections, and vaccinations, there is only one message that still works for your customers or clients…

It’s trust.

Everything comes down to trust right now for your customers and clients. I talk about it in more detail on my new podcast with Cal Fussman and in my interview with renowned entrepreneur James Altucher if you want to go more in-depth on this topic.

So, how can you build trust with your customers and understand how they think and feel?

Here is one practical tactic to provide trust that has worked exceptionally well recently…Run a 5-star review ad using a legitimate testimonial from one of your customers or clients.

In my new book, “The Undefeated Marketing System — How To Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects President,” I walk through how we ran a 5-star review ad campaign (Step 4) for an apparel company. Here’s an excerpt:

“The ads that blew through the roof with women were “social proof” ads with the 5-star reviews….When our client ran those ads, customers spent almost double the amount on their first purchases than they had before. A lot of marketing agencies run high-cost tests and hope for the best. They spend a huge chunk of the budget on ads that may not work, without considering the client’s needs. From the marketing agency’s perspective, if it doesn’t work out, they always have more creative ideas waiting in the wings, and they know that many business owners will just keep footing the bill.”

And here is another excerpt from “The Undefeated Marketing System — How To Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects President” on how to use the 5-star review to address the trust issue by simply inserting a 5-star review in the brand (Step 3) of a growing New York City law firm:

“Our Customer Insights Report also indicated that the higher we could raise the firm’s brand recognition, the more leads they’d generate. New York City is a crowded market for law firms, and our client needed to stand out from the crowd. We learned that nothing made an attorney more memorable to this target market than a memorable slogan. And once the slogan “hooked” these potential leads, third-party validation went a long way toward turning them into trusted clients.

Look, bottom line, these target customers wanted to win their cases. You don’t hire a lawyer unless you think they can get you a W. But beyond that, these clients also cared about how their law firm made them feel about winning. If they needed an attorney, they wanted to hire a law firm that believed in their case. They wanted to feel like they could trust their attorney to deal with them fairly — and to fight for that win! Our Step 1 data showed that that’s the “difference that would make the difference” to these clients. We used that wealth of information to develop a data-backed strategic marketing plan (Step 2). We suggested that the firm needed to totally revamp their digital presence if they wanted to meet clients where they spent the majority of their time: online.

Once everyone was on board with the plan, we built a data-backed branding campaign (Step 3) that resonated with potential clients’ most significant motivator: trust.

Every element of our messaging emphasized the firm’s dedication and assured potential clients that working (and winning) with this firm would give them peace of mind. We firmly positioned the firm’s third-party 5-star reviews on the website so they were the first thing a potential client would see, immediately cultivating trust. The website, testimonial page, landing pages — every single aspect of the rebrand — reinforced the core message: we care, and we have your back.”

See how this works? Good! Now use it and make your marketing even better!

Speaking of 5-Star reviews, it’s come to my attention that some nefarious slimy characters, who don’t know me or my life’s work to create empathetic and connective marketing, are trying to cancel me over my new book. They are angry that I dared to work in politics and share the marketing lessons I learned from it.

These sad people are now trying to sabotage my book, and “cancel” me (not going to happen but they are trying).

And, they are doing something incredibly poisonous…they’ve started by leaving me 1-star reviews on multiple book-selling platforms like Amazon — and then trying to “up-vote” them to make their reviews appear at the top of Amazon’s listings for my book.

Now I need to combat it and I need your help.

Would you object to leaving me a 5-Star review for The Undefeated Marketing System — How To Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects President” on Amazon?

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Thanks in advance for helping me build trust with like-minded business owners, marketers, and this community. I’m beyond grateful to you.


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