Phillip Stutts

Thank you.

First off, we live in an amazing moment in time. We have more access to more opportunities than ever.

I’m told by a lot of “influencers” that reading posts like this is a dead practice — that vlogging and selfies are all that count. But I beg to differ. It’s not the quantity, but the quality of information consumption that counts.

So I want to say thank you.

It’s been a blast writing these posts, and the readership continues to grow. It’s pretty cool to know that there is an audience like you that wants to learn about marketing and help others flourish.

I’m beyond grateful to you.

If you are curious as to what the picture in this post represents? Well, these are the various charities that our teams at Win BIG Media and Go BIG Media have donated to over the past year. Since founding the companies just a few years ago, we have donated $132,500 to these causes.

But that’s not all!

The amazing teams at Win BIG and Go BIG have also donated their time to these charities — volunteering over 1,484 hours — all to serve others.

That’s impact baby!

I’m also very grateful to a few others who’ve given their time, sacrificed to help, and given more than they’ve taken. My annual gratefulness list:

Annie and Parker, Dean Petrone, both teams at Go BIG Media and Win BIG Media, James Altucher, Robyn Altucher, Dr. Steven Gundry, Gary Vaynerchuk, Zach Nadler, Paul Finebaum, Dr Drew Pinsky, Gary Smith, Tucker Max, Anne Other, @TheDovBaron, Mike Dillard, Commander Kirk Lippold, Keith Cunningham, David Meerman Scott, Cody Foster, Paul Belair, Warren Jones, Peter Klein, John Schilling, David Sanders, Brad Johnson, Dana Perino, Mike Kelley, Nathan Thompson, Kelly Skibbe, Dan Kuschell, David Meltzer, Manuel Suro, Ken Davenport, David Sable, Pam Jordan, Jay Po, Steve Cohen, and Steve Twohig

John Abbas, Tim Alison, Gino Barbaro, Brandon Birkmeyer, Donnie Boivin, Matt Brauning, Douglas Burdett, Clay Clark, Brad Constanzo, Sean DeLaney, Andrew Evans, Cal Fussman, Shye Gilad, Ever Gonzalez, Chris Graebe, Judge Graham, Louis Grenier, Hardy Haberland, Gene Hammett, Chris Michael Harris, TJ Hoisington, Brad Johnson, Jim Knight, Chip Lutz, Lisa McDonald, Brant Menswar, Mark Metry, Craig Moen, Jordan Paris, David Ralph, Mark Reed-Edwards, Dr. Joe Simon, Jake Stenziano, Andros Sturgeon, Todd Uterstaedt, Nick Westergaard, Dave Will, Justin Womack, and Robert Zoellner

Dr. James and Adriann Anderson, Brian Wescott, Trish Fenley, Pete Kiss, Jason Jabbs, Michelle and Paul Fryling, Julie Porterfield, Rey Perez, Tim McFarlin, Paul Campson, Matt Altman, Jason Franklin, Charlie Kimmel, Brian and Brandon Lunsford, Joe Sheffield, Jeff Swaney, Danny Lax, Ken Belshe, and David McSweeney

Happy New Year!



P.S. — Lisa McDonald is one of the most empowering individuals I’ve met this year. Her social service background gives her such great insights for offering solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs. We talked about marketing strategies and what it takes to grow your bottom line. I’m sure you’ll take away some great lessons. Listen here.

P.P.S. —  In the model of the great Seth Godin, I only write these posts to share ideas and help fellow business owners. It’s a place to learn and grow without fear of being spammed or putting you in a sales funnel. I’m not doing that. If you’re a like-minded individual who might be interested in having these articles sent to you every two weeks, please email me ( or sign up below:

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