Phillip Stutts
We’ve all heard this before:
  • “Your satisfaction is very important to us.”
  • “We’re here to serve you.”
  • “Your experience is our priority.”

But here’s the problem with corporate speak: it means nothing.

We’ve heard it all so many times that we don’t believe it. It has zero impact. It’s sanitized, run-of-the-mill, and robotic. There’s an obvious intention with this kind of purposefully bland communication: it’s neutral. It runs zero risk of offending anyone.

But it’s also massively inauthentic, and people pick up on that from a mile away.

Phillip Stutts is a leading political marketer. In his new book, Fire Them Now, he teaches business owners how to apply the lessons from political marketing to grow their businesses.

I caught up with Phillip to get his input on how businesses can humanize themselves (in the same way he humanizes candidates) to authentically connect with their customers and create lasting relationships.

by Zach Obront