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Fire Them Now:  The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell and the Truth  About Political Strategies That Will Help Businesses Win

By Phillip Stutts

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“Phillip Stutts is a regular guest on my ESPN TV and radio show, and I find him smart, funny, and totally entertaining. Fire Them Now is an incredibly insightful look at how political strategies can transform digital media marketing. It’s a must-read!”

– Paul Finebaum, Host on ESPN and Bestselling Author 

A word of warning for any business owner who has hired a web marketing team: you’re probably being ripped off. Most companies have no idea how much money they’re wasting, as digital agencies take advantage of this lack of knowledge. Now, one of our nation’s top marketing masterminds, Phillip Stutts, is exposing the lies and deceptions to show how every business can take control and win big.

In Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell and the Truth About Political Strategies That Will Help Businesses Win, Stutts, CEO of Go BIG Media and Win BIG Media, offers an insider’s perspective on his killer political marketing strategies and contrasts them from the manipulative schemes of corporate marketing. With more than 20 years of experience, including work on multiple successful presidential campaigns and with Fortune 200 companies, Stutts takes pages straight from his political playbook, crafting a fool-proof formula to guide you to success.

“We have the ultimate startup company in politics. The candidate starts at zero. Zero dollars and zero name ID or brand. And we have to build that up,” says Stutts. “This is the first book that explains how we do it, and how businesses can use that mindset to get to the next level.”

In Fire Them Now, readers discover:

  • The lies and deceptions made by digital marketing agencies and how they make money before their business clients see any ROI
  • The 5-Step process all marketing firms should follow before spending your money
  • The unique difference between political marketers and corporate marketers, and lessons you can take away from the political world to grow any business
  • Developing a plan for the “Oh, Sh*t!” crisis and learning from the best—political marketers
  • Why political principles are the path to innovating business in a time of global economic disruption
  • The art of “going negative:” – it’s not about decapitating your opponent, but about drawing comparisons that make the voters question your opponent just enough. If done skillfully—for example, with humor—a negative ad isn’t a hatchet job
  • And much more!

Fire Them Now is the only book that reveals how an explosive political approach to influencing people is the most successful form of branding and promotion. Stutts will change the way your business operates, introducing exclusive strategies and thought-provoking examples that will maximize your growth in ways you never thought possible.

PHILLIP STUTTS has more than twenty years of political and business marketing experience. He has contributed to more than one thousand election victories of senators, governors, representatives, and two US presidents. In 2015, Phillip founded his political and corporate digital marketing firm helping politicians, small businesses, and multiple Fortune 200 companies. His agency has already won more than twenty prestigious honors, including the award for Digital Video Excellence in a Presidential Campaign. Phillip is a regular guest on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, making more than two hundred appearances in the past five years, and has been referred to as “a political guru” by ESPN and a “marketing genius” on Fox Business.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: If you think you are being screwed by your traditional digital or web marketing team and want your business to stop wasting marketing dollars and grow its ROI, Stutts is offering a complimentary audit of your businesses marketing services. His team will grade, score and offer suggestions on how to improve and save your marketing dollars for a larger ROI. (*you are under zero obligation to use Phillip’s marketing services at any point – this audit is complimentary).

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Fire Them Now is available through Amazon and wherever books are sold.