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Do You Give or Manipulate? with John Ruhlin

In episode 25 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, John Ruhlin, founder, and author of Gift·ology, joins Phillip to discuss authentic gift giving and how it can transform the ROI for your business.

John is the ultimate giver and explains how his mentor (and ex-girlfriend’s dad) taught him the importance of relationships and giving meaningful gifts. It became the foundation for his sales as a Cutco sales rep – and he is now the #1 sales rep in the history of Cutco (out of 2 million salespeople).

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Culture 101: The Anatomy of Meaning with Dov Baron

In episode 24 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and speaker Dov Baron talks with Phillip about everything related to culture and meaning in your business.

Dov highlights the latest things employers need to consider when building a culture, options you can offer potential employees depending on their needs, the definition of source code, and how it applies to you and your business.

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Swipe Right on this Innovative App with Brant Menswar

In episode 23 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, motivational speaker, former rockstar, author, and entrepreneur Brant Menswar joins Phillip, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey with his new app, Booky Call. 

Brant sheds light on the struggles of a startup app, the opportunity with Google that changed the momentum, the inspiration of the app, and the many awesome features that it offers to book-lovers looking for their next great read. 

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Bryan Miles on his $100 Mil Exit Strategy

In episode 21 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, successful entrepreneur Bryan Miles shares exclusive insights with Phillip about how he sold his company for over $100 million – and how he runs his new business selling beer and spirits.

Bryan details how his exit strategy led to a sale of over $100 million. Let’s repeat that… over $100 million. Bryan also tells Phillip how he is scaling his latest venture, NoFo Brewing Co, and how he and his wife work together and maintain a healthy professional and personal relationship.

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