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A rapid revolution is taking shape for traditional businesses worldwide. Explosions in technology are expected to eliminate 40 percent of all jobs by 2030. Bottom line: no matter what industry you’re in, it’s time to innovate or be obliterated.

Phillip Stutts is a leading global authority on digital media and political marketing, and he’s your ticket to winning in this disruptive new economy. As founder of Go BIG Media and Win BIG Media, award-winning technology and digital media firms, Stutts has delivered victories for presidential campaigns and several Fortune 200 companies. Now, he’s revealing behind-the-scenes secrets and strategies from the ultimate startup success story: a political campaign.

“Think about it,” says Stutts. “Persuading people to switch their vote or converting them to vote for an unknown or unsavory political candidate is infinitely harder than getting someone to buy a particular toothpaste. But somehow, we get it right.”

In his new book, Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell and the Truth About Political Strategies That Will Help Businesses Win, Stutts divulges the key ingredients of any successful campaign to transform the corporate mindset. His firsthand experience will show entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, and corporate marketers that by employing political strategies, they’ll leapfrog over any competition.

In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, Stutts can discuss:

  • Why business owners, start ups and entrepreneurs are so frustrated with digital marketers right now
  • The 7 lies digital marketer sell and the 5 steps process all marketing firms should follow before spending your money
  • The “Oh, Sh*t” Crisis: How to use political marketing strategies to handle a company crisis
  • Political marketers vs. corporate marketers: Why they’re different, and takeaways from the political world to grow your business
  • Make yourself real: How to create relationships with your customers to help your business thrive
  • Why political principles are a path to innovating in a time of global economic disruption
  • Going negative as an art: Much like in politics, how to skillfully use negativity and comparisons to make or customers question your competition
  • How his team will grade, score, and offer suggestions on how to improve your marketing services in a complimentary, no-nonsense audit

PHILLIP STUTTS has more than twenty years of political and business marketing experience. He has contributed to more than one thousand election victories of senators, governors, representatives, and two US presidents. In 2015, Phillip founded his political and corporate digital marketing firm helping politicians, small businesses, and multiple Fortune 200 companies. His agency has already won more than twenty prestigious honors, including the award for Digital Video Excellence in a Presidential Campaign. Phillip is a regular guest on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, making more than two hundred appearances in the past five years, and has been referred to as “a political guru” by ESPN and a “marketing genius” on Fox Business.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: If you think you are being screwed by your traditional digital or web marketing team and want your business to stop wasting marketing dollars and grow its ROI, Stutts is offering a complimentary audit of your businesses marketing services. His team will grade, score and offer suggestions on how to improve and save your marketing dollars for a larger ROI. (*you are under zero obligation to use Phillip’s marketing services at any point – this audit is complimentary).

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Fire Them Now is available through Amazon and wherever books are sold.