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“A Lesson or Two From Ryan Reynolds & Aviation Gin” by Phillip Stutts

In all my years of marketing, I have seen some AMAZING and HORRIFIC “stunts” from both big and small businesses. …

“Phillip Stutts Challenges Business Execs to Use Change to Their Advantage” by Steve Bornhoft, Emerald Coast Magazine

  Visit Emerald Coast Magazine to read the full article. Article by Steve Bornhoft

“Ohio State University’s Head Football Coach Urban Meyer May Have Saved His Job, But He Lost His Legacy” by Phillip Stutts

Ohio State University’s head football coach Urban Meyer may have saved his job, but he lost his legacy.   Seriously. …

“Political Marketing Guru And Author Phillip Stutts: 5 Questions” by Michael Seale, Birmingham Patch

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“Stop Being a Robot to Connect With Your Customers” by Zach Obront, Just Luminate

  Visit Just Luminate to read the full article. Article by Zach Obront

“17 Simple Things These Successful Executives Do Every Day No Matter What” by Christina DesMarais, INC.com

  Visit INC to read the full article.   Article by Christina DesMarais

“Famous 5 – Phillip Stutts” by Kathryn Lyons, Famous DC

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“Three Ways Your Digital Marketing Agency is Bullshitting You” by Phillip Stutts

Are you a business owner tired of your digital marketing agency not delivering results? What if there was a better …

“I Tried Going Negative With My Advertising — and It Actually Worked. Here’s What I Learned” by Phillip Stutts

When it comes to marketing, negativity or comparison advertising, can be a slam-dunk if you’re trying to disrupt your competition …

“Why Your Motto Should Be Win Or Die” by Phillip Stutts for Campaigns & Elections

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