Phillip Stutts

Today, I actually want to share something that will make a difference in your life since we are in the season of giving.

In fact, it has literally helped millions of people transform their lives by simply changing how they start their day and I’m going to give you exclusive access to it today…

It’s my good friend Hal Elrod’s new movie, ***The Miracle Morning***, based on his book that has sold more than 2 million copies in over 100 countries. What makes this movie truly life-changing is that it actually gives you a simple, proven method to transform your life, one morning at a time.

In his movie, Hal gives you a rare sneak peek into the morning routines of the world’s high performers, like Brendon BurchardMel RobbinsRobin SharmaLaila AliLewis HowesRobert KiyosakiJP Sears… and many more.

One of the most unexpected and compelling aspects of this film (which you’ll see in the trailer) was when halfway into filming, Hal was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given a 30% chance survival rate. You’ll get to witness how Hal approached his diagnosis and his unbelievably inspiring journey to defy the odds and attempt to beat cancer.

On 12/12/2020, the world premiere of the film will launch online. It will be immediately followed by an “implementation training” to show you how to start your own Miracle Morning, then a Q&A with Hal, and you’ll leave with a Miracle Morning 30-Day Challenge and a copy of the movie you can own forever.

And Hal gave me a discount code that will give you 20% off your ticket: IMPACT2020.

Check out the inspiring movie trailer and reserve your ticket to the online world premiere at:

Watch the movie trailer and reserve your ticket to the online world premiere at (and use the code IMPACT2020 to get 20% off your ticket.)

I’m excited to share The Miracle Morning movie with you because I truly believe that it can help all of us at a time when we could all use a little help.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the discount code IMPACT2020 at checkout (it’s one of the last steps) to get 20% off. Visit, and I hope to see you at the world premiere!