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In episode 16 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, Phillip welcomes Heather Monahan, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. 

Phillip and Heather talk about her new book, Overcome Your Villains, her path to a book deal with HarperCollins Leadership, the detailed story of how she got fired from her c-suite job, and of course, how she helps entrepreneurs become highly successful and better leaders. 

To learn how to master your own beliefs, actions, and knowledge to overcome adversity (and make a lot of money in the process), visit *Heather is also offering over $500 worth of free giveaways when you order your copy of her new book.

To close the episode, Phillip and Heather give their UNDEFEATED MARKETING TIP OF THE WEEK. Phillip points business owners to a social platform that is getting huge results in consumer data marketing right now (and why Facebook just isn’t cutting it for most businesses anymore). Heather explains how she recently started marketing her new book with quizzes and has seen explosive results (and how you can do the same).

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About the Guest: 

Heather Monahan: 

Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Boss In Heels. Having successfully climbed the corporate ladder for nearly 20 years, Heather Monahan is one of the few women to break the glass ceiling and claim her spot in the C-suite. As a Chief Revenue Officer in Media, Heather Monahan is a Glass Ceiling Award winner, named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017 and Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018.

Heather’s new book Confidence Creator shot to #1 on Amazon’s Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it debuted on Amazon. Heather is a confidence expert and is currently working with Fortune 500 companies and professional sports to develop confidence in the workplace and on the court. She’s also a member of Florida International University’s Advisory Council to further serve as a mentor and leader in the South Florida Community.  Heather and her son Dylan reside in Miami.

Follow Heather:

Facebook: @heathermonahanofficial

Twitter: @_heathermonahan

Instagram: @heathermonahan

LinkedIn: Heather Monahan


About the Host:

Phillip Stutts:

Contributing to over 1,535 election victories, three U.S. Presidential victories, and working with multiple Fortune 200 companies, best-selling author Phillip Stutts plays the game of political and corporate marketing on the highest level. Phillip’s win-or-die mentality makes him a powerhouse when building research-backed marketing strategies with multi-billion-dollar budgets, battling it out with fierce competitors, and achieving maximum ROI results.

He is the Founder/Executive Chairman of Go Big Media (a political marketing ad firm), CEO of Win Big Media (his corporate marketing agency), and a best-selling author that shares his marketing secrets with the world in his two books, Fire The Now(2018) and The Undefeated Marketing System(2021).

Follow Phillip: 


Instagram: @phillipstutts


LinkedIn: Phillip Stutts

Twitter: @phillipstutts

Resource: The Undefeated Marketing System – How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects Presidents (2021)

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