Phillip Stutts

10–15 years ago, when you attended a concert or sporting event, two things happened every time you walked up to the concession stand….bad food and high prices.

But then, innovation and disruption started to enter into the marketplace.

A few years ago, stadiums started to address the “bad arena food” situation by letting upscale restaurants and high-profile chefs bring their culinary expertise to big-time concerts and sporting events.

But guess what didn’t change? Prices!

In fact, prices didn’t just remain expensive, they became astronomical.

Ever bought an $18 beer?


But one sports owner has decided to put the power back in the consumer’s hands and disrupt a market prime for innovation.

This could be the most disruptive innovation about to hit the market and it’s going to shock you by its simplicity — and you don’t need millions to model it.

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