Most business owners are screwing up their marketing. Businesses aren’t keeping up with the changing marketing landscape, and corporate marketing agencies don’t help — taking advantage of their client’s lack of knowledge with lackluster results.

Phillip comes from a different, more cut-throat world of marketing: politics. Working on five presidential campaigns and putting hundreds of candidates in office, Phillip has played the game of marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition and multi-million dollar budgets.


In his keynote, Phillip shares the top marketing strategies influencing elections and how the changing political landscape creates massive opportunities that are still a secret to most business owners:


      • Why it’s crucial to “go negative” when most other businesses are “going positive”


    • The testing process political campaigns use to find the perfect ads when working with multi-million dollar budgets


    • How to humanize your leadership to forge a deeper connection with prospects


These strategies have already worked in the world’s most ruthless marketing arena. It’s time to bring them to your business.


“Phillip Stutts is a phenomenal digital campaign strategist whose work has won several Campaigns & Elections Reed Awards, the most exacting award in the campaign industry. We regularly feature Phillip as a speaker at our conferences and he’s always tremendously well rated by attendees. He brings style and flair to his presentations that make him an obvious choice.” – Shane Greer, Co-Owner, Campaigns & Elections
“Phillip Stutts will challenge your thinking, realign your sense of what marketing’s rule needs to be, and stun you more than a little with his projection that disruption and rapid innovation will cause.” – Jay Abraham, Marketing Expert at The Abraham Group
“I love Phillip’s vibe.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia
“I’m utterly fascinated by everything Phillip says.” – Dr. Drew Pinsky, The Dr. Drew Podcast
“From politics, to media, to business, Phillip understands how all of them intersect — making him one of the most interesting, and effective, guys I know. He also always crushes it on live national TV, with millions watching, maybe even the President — because he has real experience, unique (and sharp!) insight, and relentless humor.” – Pete Hegseth, FOX NEWS Senior Political Analyst
“Phillip is a regular guest on my ESPN TV and radio show. His insights on politics and digital media are smart, funny and totally entertaining.” – Paul Finebaum, ESPN/SEC Network
“A winning campaign is based on building an organization from the ground up and developing a plan that incorporates all strategic thinking in order to execute and win. No one knows how to do that better than Phillip Stutts.” –John Thune, U.S. Senator, South Dakota
“Phillip Stutts’s presentation on “The Intersection of Political and Corporate Marketing,” was thought-provoking and engaging. He reviewed recent political victories and failures, and how those lessons foreshadow the future of corporate marketing. Many of his examples demonstrated the power of testing campaigns — and how those results set a precedent for the allocation of advertising dollars. We received excellent feedback from our members, and attendees continue to reach out to discuss applications for their day-to-day practices.” – Julie Stuckey, President of Northwest Florida Coast Chapter of Florida Public Relations Association
“When Phillip Stutts gives a presentation on digital marketing – you’ll want to be there. He recently spoke at our National Summit for the American Federation for Children and provided our audience of lawmakers, policy professionals, advocates, and reform operatives compelling insight on telling stories in the digital age, with plenty of strategic guidance and applicable tactics for day-to-day operations. We’re eager to have him back!”  – John Schilling, Chief Operating Officer for the American Federation for Children
“For 10 years I’ve leaned on Phillip as a friend, client and advisor to my business. As a professional keynote speaker, he is dynamic and inspirational – one of the best I’ve ever worked with. Hire him now, you won’t be disappointed.” – Kirk Lippold, Commander, USS COLE, USN (Ret.) 
“As an authority on all things digital, Phillips Stutts consistently delivers dynamic content to Campaigns & Elections conference attendees, and it’s the reason I repeatedly ask him back to speak. In addition to helping ensure our conferences reflect the latest in digital politics, Phillip relishes audience interaction and engagement with our attendees.”  – Shane D’Aprile, Co-Owner & Co-Publisher, Campaigns
“When I ran for Governor most people considered us an underdog campaign, and they were right. No one gave us a chance to win but we pulled off an upset in the primary against 17 other candidates and won in a landslide. I needed a leader to run my campaign who was organized and motivated to come to work everyday and build a winning organization. Campaigns are about putting hundreds of pieces of a plan together, being aggressive from a strategic communications standpoint, and implementing that plan to win. I’ve never seen anyone do it as well as Phillip Stutts.” – Bobby Jindal, former governor of Louisiana and presidential candidate
“I’ve worked with Phillip for years and I find him honest, engaging and very interesting. Based on my experiences as Lt. Governor of Florida and a real estate entrepreneur, I know Phillip’s digital marketing strategies would be successful for any type of marketing or advertising. You will know more about succeeding in the digital marketing space after you’ve heard him.” – Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Lt. Governor, Florida/Entrepreneur

Hire Phillip to Speak

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