Most business owners are screwing up their marketing. Businesses aren’t keeping up with the changing marketing landscape, and corporate marketing agencies don’t help — taking advantage of their client’s lack of knowledge with lackluster results.

Phillip comes from a different, more cut-throat world of marketing: politics. Working on five presidential campaigns and putting hundreds of candidates in office, Phillip has played the game of marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition and multi-million dollar budgets.


In his keynote, Phillip shares the top marketing strategies influencing elections and how the changing political landscape creates massive opportunities that are still a secret to most business owners:


      • Why it’s crucial to “go negative” when most other businesses are “going positive”


    • The testing process political campaigns use to find the perfect ads when working with multi-million dollar budgets


    • How to humanize your leadership to forge a deeper connection with prospects


These strategies have already worked in the world’s most ruthless marketing arena. It’s time to bring them to your business.



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